Become a partner

Most of your business comes from people who know you…..

  • You’ve personally met them at an event of some kind or
  • Or they know you, because Jo Soap told them about you.

the personal connection

Your marketing tool kit…

Is very simple……Marketing tool kit

  • To help connect with the people you meet – you have a business card.
  • And if you can afford it, you also have a flyer. They’re either very expensive flyers or you have thousands of them – this is the nature of the printing business.
  • You’ve set up your social media platforms, so you have a web presence – only your “friends” know about these. Odds are you don’t have a web page of your own, because you haven’t got the money to pay someone to set it up. It is a big investment. Those of you with a webpage are usually disappointed with its performance. “Build it and they will” come…….. the “lie” behind internet marketing.
  • Maybe you’ve dabbled in advertising. A classified advert in the newspaper – which brought you three phone calls, no actual business. Baby magazines, expos and exhibits are too expensive and often have the wrong geography. As a service based business, people in Cape Town or Poffadder are not prospective clients.

You’re working hard ……………

you need more business

 You love what you do. You don’t love marketing.

We’re all in the business of providing products & services to help expectant Mom’s and new Mom’s survive and thrive.

It makes sense to combine forces…

We can come together, in lots of different ways… Combining forces

This is what expecting magic does.

We have created four vehicles to facilitate collaboration…

  • The Magic Card – shared marketing material with a twist
  • The Wellness Umbrella – a networking organization focused on the health and wellness sphere
  • The FMG Council – a mastermind providing support and encouragement to grow your business
  • Shots of google juice – opportunities to show case your expertise, so Google sees YOU as an authority and sends more business your way.

Phone 083 262 5023 if you would like to explore the options


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