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Increase your visibility to LOCAL want-2-be, about-2-be and new Moms.
Stop struggling to get the word out about the great product or service you offer and start getting better results RIGHT NOW.
If you have.....
  • an expensive website, which few people visit and those that do, are like ships in the night. They leave without engaging, so your phone doesn't ring.
  • tried a mail drop in the neighbourhood, but discovered most of the houses that received your flyer, were not interested and the few that were, never followed up.
  • embraced facebook, establishing a facebook fan page for your business. You've spent hours looking for things to post, commented etc. but thanks to the changes on how facebook does business, few of your fans actually see your post and those that do, don't buy your stuff.

Then you need a listing on the

Expecting Magic Platform.

Here is how a listing on the Expecting Magic Platform will benefit you
You've already invested in the key elements to achieving your goal.
A listing on the Expecting Magic platform, will FAST TRACK YOU, by increasing your visibility, so you generate more leads, and then turn those leads into customers and evangelists.

It's designed for LOCAL small business
This is vital to your success, because you are able to market to the people most likely to use your product or service. And its affordable.

It comes with tools that will grow your business
This is good because having a web page is not enough, to succeed on line you must be mobile responsive and have "leverage".

It makes you a resource for Mommies
This is important because your exposure is not intrusive or salesy..... so when Mommy is ready to buy,  she'll look you up.

It's modular, you can expand as you grow
This positively affects your outcome because you don't need to spend hundreds of Rands to get started. It works for newbies and "pros".
Plus you align your self to a MOVEMENT dedicated to empowering local Moms so they create
in themselves and their little ones.
because the first 1000 days shapes a child's destiny.
The Expecting Magic Platform is packed with features  Moms will LOVE
Expecting Magic  Has Loads of Powerful Features!
Best of all, you can get started for "FREE".
Well almost. We won't charge you Rands and cents.

Fairy godmother delivering the magic card
Put a little Magic into your marketing

by listing on the  Expecting Magic Platform.

We are sure you'll absolutely love it.
Get a listing on the  Expecting Magic Platform Now for  R1000   "Almost FREE"
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