Magic card

Being pregnant..…

 So much responsibility.  So much to learn.  So little time.  Eish !

  • You want to give your child the best start possible, but you haven’t got time to read a 100 baby books or sift through the “advertorials” in the popular press
  • You want to know about ALL the options available, ALL the options, so you can choose what will work for you.
  • You want to feel special during this sacred time as your body supports the formation of a brand new being inside you.  You want access to special deals, opportunities and discounts.

Expecting Magic will put the magic into your pregnancy, by giving you a “magic card”, which you can consult every day, to get advice and special deals, ensuring your pregnancy is the MAGICAL EXPERIENCE it’s meant to be.

Your “magic card” contains two very special QR codes, which deliver a little magic to you, every time they are scanned, using your smartphone.  Each day, the destination they deliver you to, is different, but it will always take you somewhere magical and local.

You’ll receivetransparent godmother

  • Useful tips and strategies taken from the scientific journals of the world, that will help you optimize your health and that of your “little one”, not just now but into adulthood
  • Information about  valuable resources and services, which will help you steer the course through your pregnancy
  • Special offers to help you prepare the nursery, so your baby’s first home is PERFECT.
  • And special goodies, coupons and free gifts, just for you, because you’re doing all the hard work of growing a new human
  • Access to a community that will provide you with help and support.

An expecting magic cared costs you nothing.

All you need to access the magic is a smartphone, with a free QR code reader installed # and an Expecting Magic card for your neighbourhood.

It’s fun to use and it’s shareable.

Ready to turn your pregnancy into a magical experience ?

Click here to retrieve your Expecting Magic Card.connect with facebookMake sure you give the app permission on the next page.

What you will receive…transparent godmother

You will be able to retrieve the Expecting Magic Card, which has all the magic arrangements, our team has assembled for you. Be sure to choose the card which matches the area in which live, to ensure the magic is “just up your street”.  Print out the card and stick it on the fridge or next to your computer.  Then, every day remember to scan the QR codes to access something special.

Click here to retrieve your Expecting Magic Card.

Connect with facebookMake sure you give the app permission on the next page

#  Not sure how to set this up ?  Download instructions or ask a teenager.

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