Sisterhood of the bump

Are your friend’s lives in synch with yours ?

In the past, there was a schedule – you went to school, got married had kids TOGETHER. But now things are different.

Women don’t have to FOLLOW THE SCHEDULE.

You didn’t.

  • Maybe you “waited” to get married
  • Maybe you “waited” to have kids
  • Maybe Mother Nature “obliged” you to wait

BUT the waiting is over. YOU’RE EXPECTING.

you are expecting

The trouble is, your friends aren’t in the pregnancy phase right now.   You still LOVE them to bits, but you find you have to edit your conversations and turn down invitations.

  • They don’t always appreciate that you cannot enjoy a glass of wine or a night out on the town.
  • They’re not in the same space as you, so they’re not interested in the details.

You need some NEW FRIENDS that you can connect with, but bumping into them is not easy.

Let’s face it, you’re not going to find them at the office, because the office is about BUSINESS not BABIES. And few opportunities exist to bump into other Mom’s to be, during office hours.

Pregnancy is supposed to be a magical experience.

 Part of the magic is sharing.

You can share on line, in one of the many pregnancy forums. It is fun to connect with Jessie in Vancouver and Kirti in Singapore.

BUT…… you can’t go out for breakfast or chat on the phone with you electronic friends. You need “in person” friends to connect with.

Introducing……….sisterhood of the bump

A place to meet other Moms-to-be in person.

  • Share your frustrations, triumphs, moments of delight, moments of panic.
  • Get advice from experts and from “friends”.
  • Get the support you need, from “friends” who get exactly how you feel.
  • Have a little fun.
  • Form friendships that will ensure your little one has lots of PLAY DATES for years to come.

A BUMP CLUB GET-TOGETHER is small and intimate. It is not a SHOW, it is a Mom-to-be mastermind.   The meeting is designed to spread a little fairy dust so that you have the knowledge and support you need, to give your BUMP, the best start possible, while enjoying the process.


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